MaeLynn's Final Resting Place

MaeLynn's Final Resting Place
I went over to the cemetery the day after Memorial Day. You can tell she was so loved...and still is.

MaeLynn's Hummingbird Box

MaeLynn's Hummingbird Box
MaeLynn and Andy have been having a lot of fun getting into their artistic sides lately. This is one of MaeLynn's projects from this fall.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

September 19th 2010

Sorry! MaeLynn's been doing so well, and things have felt so normal, I haven't felt the pressure to update the blog as often!

MaeLynn continues to feel fairly good. She still has quite a bit of energy and the medications she is on are doing their job.

This last week she was able to go three days straight without naps...a miracle! Although, then she was up "cracking the whip" on Andy (according to him). They got all kinds of projects started and finished this week. It all started with the new fridge.....

They needed a new fridge, so they found one they liked, brought it home, and discovered it was four inches too big to fit in the space the old fridge came out of. Andy says, "No prob! We'll just empty the cupboards in the island and move it over a few inches." Two days and one large pile of tupperware later, they decided they needed a new home for some of their kitchen gadgets and art supplies that had been in the island.

The china cupboard in the kitchen looked like a great place to put the stuff, so they cleaned out the kids' clothes, filled up the cupboard and realized that they still had a pile of things. Andy again says, "No prob. I'll just move these extra things out to the shed." But when he got out there, there was no room for anything in the next thing they knew they were having a yard sale!

Along with all this craziness, they were able to bring in a new comfy rocker/recliner for MaeLynn, get their roofing project finished up, and get in a new clothes dryer...(which luckily DID fit in the space provided..hahaha).

Oh! And MaeLynn and Andy were able to take a relaxing trip Labor Day weekend to Riverdale in Idaho. It was really nice for them to get away. And it was REALLY nice of their friend, Patty, to take their kids for the two days they were gone! Thanks!

For now, life continues as normally as can be expected. MaeLynn's mother still comes to help about once a week. She came this last Friday night to help MaeLynn so that Andy could go to a Smashing Pumpkins concert with some friends. It was therapeutic for Andy, as it had been a really long week full of naughtiness from the kids. For the most part, though, Andy says things are going surprisingly well being at home all the time. He's sure it's because of all the prayers going out for their family.

One fun thing MaeLynn has finished is a beautiful hummingbird painted on a box. She's really been getting in touch with her artsy side lately. In fact, she really wants a place to put all of her art supplies, so she convinced Andrew to build her her own shed out back. He'll start on it this week. This makes MaeLynn so happy. She says life feels really good lately. She's glad for every day she has. EVERYONE'S grateful for every day.

Prayers are so helpful and she's thankful for them. Thanks, once again, to all the family, friends, and neighbors who are constantly calling and helping!