MaeLynn's Final Resting Place

MaeLynn's Final Resting Place
I went over to the cemetery the day after Memorial Day. You can tell she was so loved...and still is.

MaeLynn's Hummingbird Box

MaeLynn's Hummingbird Box
MaeLynn and Andy have been having a lot of fun getting into their artistic sides lately. This is one of MaeLynn's projects from this fall.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


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MaeLynn again

Surprise! It's MaeLynn again. Miracles really do never cease. First, I'd better clear something up. The Fentanyl pain patch I am on has to be worn all the time. I wish I could take it off and on as needed, but it is extremely addictive and is only prescribed when other opioid pain meds don't cut it. I forgot to replace the patch one night last week and was surprised to realize that I hadn't experienced pain all day (without the usual dose). Being the optimist (and sometimes dummy) I am, I decided that perhaps the pain had subsided, and didn't put a new patch on. A few hours later (just as I was crawling into bed) I experienced the strangest sensation. It hit me without warning. I wanted to crawl out of my skin and run for miles. I felt antsy and agitated and the lights were too bright. I started itching like a dog with fleas. It was awful! These, my friends, are symptoms of withdrawal (My hubby, the know-it-all, filled me in). I don't ever want to feel that again, and am happy to take the teasing that comes when I zone out. The good news is that I actually tolerate the meds pretty well now. You should have seen me the first week! The bad news is that now I can't drive. If I were to get pulled over, I would get a DUI, and the risk is just not worth it. It's tough being dependent upon people to get from point A to point B (especially when we need 6 seat belts). I don't like winter (never have), and worry that the cabin fever is going to get pretty extreme this year.

The fentanyl used during labor is a liquid form, given through the IV. I actually had it (because I can't have epidurals, thank you very much) while in labor with all my kids. Works like a charm for about 45 min, does not cause withdrawals.

The pain that prompted me to see the Doctor again (about a month ago now) was in my kidneys. I've never had kidney pain before. Dr. BenJacob said that the lymph nodes over my kidney's are probably inflamed now and infected. That can cause extreme pain. There are lymph nodes associated with all major organs. Sounds fun....I am so grateful for meds!

I'm not making Kombucha any more. It tastes yeasty to me, and kind of reminds me of vinegary beer. Yuck! Andrew seems to have gotten his fill. Does anyone want a "magic mushroom?" I have finally found a health"potion" that I like. It's called Seven and is made by Exfuze. It contains extracts from seven different super fruits found all over the world. You may have heard of a few of them: Noni, Acai, or Seabuckthorn? I must be a real wimp, because technically, I'm dying, and I still won't drink some of the teas that people have suggested. If a dying person won't drink it, maybe its REALLY bad! Seven is actually pretty tasty. I dare say I could probably drink 8 oz. a day. A person is only supposed to drink 1 oz. No, this is not an advertisement. :)

Another thing I have started doing is juicing. I got a fabulous Jack LaLanne juicer (supposed to be one of the best) on sale and have significantly upped my fruit and veggie intake. I find that I just don't have the patience to eat a whole plate of fruit. It's overwhelming. However, I'll happily drink the plate of healthy stuff when it's been reduced to a glass of juice. I'm now a big fan of juicing.

In case you were wondering, I didn't do a bunch of blood work or tests at my last Dr. appointment. We decided that it would be rather silly to invest the time and mental energy and money because no matter what the tests say, I'm not going to change my decision on formal treatment. I am a big fan of "alternative" medicine though, and am willing to try just about anything outside of a hospital. I don't know why I'm such a fan. I've just been curious my whole life. Seems like there is so much good out there that our western society doesn't take part in. I heard that a lady in the neighborhood practices raeki (spelling?). It's a type of ancient energy work. I think I'll go give her a call.

I send you all my love,